Ron and Gina* were renting a home just outside of Edmonton until their landlord contacted them to say he was moving back into the property.  They hated the thought of having to move again into another ren

tal, but were unable to purchase a home after experiencing some credit challenges.

Gina decided to apply for our program after finding our ad while looking for a new place to live.  After completing the application process and speaking with One Tree, they decided to pursue the program.  Shortly afterwards, they went house shopping with our realtor and found a home that met their criteria in the area they wanted.  They love that they have the opportunity to get back into home ownership and don’t have to worry about moving again for a very long time.  When referring to One Tree, Ron and Gina said that the staff were “very pleasant and easy to work with”, and “helped make the best of a difficult situation”. We are very happy to have Ron and Gina as clients and are pleased to report that they are well on their way to owning their own home.

*names have been changed to protect privacy.

Ron and Gina's New Home

Ron and Gina’s New Home


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